Get Rid Of Cellulite: 13 Natural Tips and Tricks That Work At Home

List of tips and tricks to help with cellulite reduction

Tips and Tricks #1: Dieting

This is one the most important tips to get rid of cellulite.

You need to find a simple, healthy, and fun diet that doesn’t consist of too many bad fats, carbohydrates, or salt. Fiber intake is also important. I don’t want to get too specific with nutrients here as everyone needs different intakes for specific results.

Dieting doesn’t have to be hard if you keep it simple!

You don’t have to search for things like: “secret diets that work to get rid cellulite” or “strict diets that show results in a day“.

Enjoy healthy foods while dieting for cellulite removal

Dieting can be fun as long as you tailor and manage it to meet your goals and satisfaction.

Looking for a diet can be extremely difficult at times, but if you’d like, read this 3-week anti-cellulite diet that I reviewed.

Tips and Tricks #2: Exercising

Combining exercise with a simple and effective diet will not only help to get rid of cellulite, but it will also burn out the fat deposits hiding underneath your skin. There are many other benefits such as a faster metabolism, an increase in blood circulation, and excess fat loss.


You can’t target a specific area on your body to get rid of cellulite. Therefore exercising will help with cellulite reduction as well as increase your overall physique. See a full review for the best exercises for cellulite and how to work out effectively.
Women working out exercises for cellulite treatment


Exercise for 20 minutes to 1 hour a day with both strength training exercises and cardio to strengthen the connective tissue and burn excess fat. It doesn’t have to be too intense, just make sure you are physically active.

You can find many beginner guides by typing in google “beginner weight training guides“.

Again, feel free to check out the advanced 3-week diet, which also comes with an exercise program. It aims to achieve results fast so that you can adapt healthy habits and get rid of cellulite permanently.

Tips and Tricks #3: Replace Beverages With Warm Water

Drinking plenty of warm water will help boost your blood circulation, flush out toxins, and improve your skin complexion, making cellulite less visible. This also fits perfectly with Tips #4 and #5. Try to get in around 2 liters every day. Replacing all beverages you consume with warm water also has many other benefits.

Here’s a video that gives provides awesome information about other benefits.

Tips and Tricks #4: Standing

Standing more as opposed to sitting will also help to get rid of cellulite by increasing your blood flow and circulation. Do routinely activities such as putting on makeup, playing video games, writing, drawing, eating or working on homework while standing up.

Tips and Tricks #5: Revitol Cellulite cream Solution

Use this approved and recommended solution by doctors simultaneously with the tips and tricks for the faster and reliable results. You can read my entire Revitol Cellulite cream Solution review for more details! (Highly recommended tip!)

Tips and Tricks #6: Relieve Stress To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Higher stress hormones can be a big factor and can contribute to cellulite formation by accumulating fat storage. You also end up thinking things will never get better and subconsciously give up on taking action.

Here’s what you do:

Take a deep breath in, grab a bottle of water and take a little walk.

Don't stress over getting rid of cellulite

Everything will be okay as long as you stick to a plan. Remember, cellulite is not permanent when dealt with properly!

Tips and Tricks #7: Wear Looser Underwear

That’s right,

even wearing underwear with very tight elastics running across your buttocks limits the amount of blood flow, which contributes to cellulite formation.

You don’t have to worry about other pieces of clothing, just underwear.

Tips and Tricks #8: Dry Brushing

This will help boost blood circulation, stimulate muscle fibers, and increase collagen production, making cellulite less visible. If possible, massage in circular motions the affected areas for 3 to 5 minutes with a medium amount of pressure. You can also have somebody else do this for you.

See a full review for the best dry brushes for cellulite and how to use them effectively.

Tips and Tricks #9: Massage or Use Anti-Cellulite Massage Oils

Massaging Oils Help Reduce The Appearance Of CelluliteMassaging the cellulite affected areas can help increase blood circulation, remove toxins and fluid build up. Alternate with a hard and medium amount of pressure and massage for 3 to 5 minutes. You can also get somebody to help if you can’t reach certain areas.

You can also use anti-cellulite massage oils which are highly effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. For a stronger effect, the cellulite oil can be used after dry brushing the skin.

Tips and Tricks #10: Manage Your Cravings

Cravings When On A Diet Tips and Tricks

We all know cravings are very hard to deal with, however, I have an awesome solution!


That’s right, you don’t have to completely cut out cravings from your life. Tying into Tip #1you just have to manage cravings into your diet.

As long as your daily nutrition, exercise, and calorie intake are well balanced with your cravings, you’ll be completely fine.

If you tend to have cravings throughout the night, a little trick is to completely cut your cravings throughout the day, and then go ahead and have them at night.

Tips and Tricks #11: Smoke With Strategy

Find A Substitute To Smoking To Help Get Rid Of CelluliteSmoking breaks elasticity, hydration, and strength of the skin, which are all essential components to prevent cellulite.

If you are a smoker then this may be easier said than done, but you need to control the number of cigarettes you smoke a day.

If you can’t, consider the following:

  • Replacements such as E-Cigarettes or Vapes.
  • Habit replacements such as working out, creating blogging videos, or learning an instrument. Smoking is a habit, an addiction, so if you can find a healthy alternative that you’re passionate about to keep yourself busy, then you can fight the urge to smoke.

Tips and Tricks #12: Shower In Cold Water

Shower In Cold Water Helps To Keep The Skin To Loosen Up

Showering in hot water allows for more water to enter in the tissues and loosen them up. Hot showers and baths can also cause inflammation and dry out skin, and release healthy nutrients. This can contribute to causing more prominent cellulite, but this is not to say that hot showers cause cellulite.

Needless to say, cold water showers don’t contribute to cellulite, and actually, have many other benefits. You can read about some benefits at

Tips and Tricks #13: Sleeping More

Getting More Sleep Can Help The Body Fight Off Cellulite

Sometimes it’s hard to get enough sleep due to a busy schedule. You may have kids to look after, an eight-hour shift, laundry to do, food to cook, and the list goes on.

The body needs around 8 hours of sleep in order to strengthen and repair tissues, process information, and to ultimately function properly. Your skin ages quicker and weight is easily gained.

This is going to sound easy… because it is easy.

Organize a daily schedule using a daily planner app such as Errands-To-Do List. Map out all daily activities to be completed and update it every night. This way you can find shortcuts and know exactly what needs to be done to make more room for sleep.

Strongly Recommend You Do

Know that you can get rid of cellulite.

Many people believe that cellulite is incurable, and that’s because they have tried every possible solution and nothing is working.

If you really want to get rid of cellulite on your legs, arms, and other troublesome places, this is my recommendation.

Learn What Is And What Causes Cellulite To Get Rid Of It

Know Your Cause(s) of Cellulite

  • Determine the cause of your cellulite, and then find a solution. Read the what causes cellulite article if you haven’t already and then come back here or browse this website for various solutions.

Write down notes and tips and tricks for cellulite

Write down each tip on a piece of paper

  • This is so you have a physical reminder to help keep you committed. Being able to see what’s needed to be done in front of you motivates you more to get things done.
  • Tape it on your door or somewhere you’ll pass by every day. Feel free to make multiple reminders if you feel the need to.

Keep a calender and take notes for cellulite treatment

Stick to a schedule, be consistent

  • Sticking to a regimen is important because it makes things a lot more organized and allows you to be more consistent. Like many things, consistency is key if you’re aiming to finally get rid of that pesky cellulite.
  • Note down times beside each of the tips and tricks or set daily reminders on your smartphone for reminders.
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